ShippingWe are always happy to provide customers with a product quote, either on a delivered basis or FOB the plant.  Some of our customers prefer to arrange their own transportation while others prefer that we handle it for them.  Either way is fine with us.  You choose what is best for you. Reliable carriers are an extremely important aspect of our business.  We know that our customers need competitive rates, carrier reliability, on-time delivery, and responsive and fair treatment for any incidents involving damage or shortages.  We consider all of these factors when choosing carriers to deliver the products we sell.  We have an extensive network of carriers that we work with on a daily basis, to ensure the most reliable and competitive pricing available.
WarehousingWe carefully choose the warehouses where we store our products.  They must be conveniently located, offer dependable local cartage and need to be clean and sanitary for storing food-grade product.  Our warehouses offer next-day or sometimes even same-day service when needed.  We currently maintain warehouse stocks in various cities around the country.